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Nice bit of Evanston history, especially the dinner table conversation about Emancipation Proclamation. I just got back from Gettysburg, PA ...

The term for Dr Horton is “conflict entrepreneur.” See Amanda Ridley’s excellent book High Conflict.

The next Superintendent has to be a true bridge builder 🤞

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Horton's already eagerly proposing 10 million dollars of spending at the central office:


Hard to believe there's only one board member who's been speaking up about this, but that's one more than Evanston had. All in all, it's a shame Horton didn't take more of his friends with him from 65. It's also very unlikely any new administrator will shrink the bloated central office staff once they come in. 65 is probably saddled with his financial legacy.

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Lock him up

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So your timeline is inaccurate and misleading. The security was from appprox June 2021- July 2022 according to EvanstonNow. in the exit interview video he specifically says the reason he had to get the armed 24/7 security was because of this gun parent incident arrest (which therefor happened previous to June 2021 at the earliest). The parents arrest for emails which he never responded was nov 2021 (you were again sent the arrest records signed by 4 board members and Horton dated nov 2021 odd you are misrepresenting timelines here) after their kindergartener teacher appeared in the teachers complaining about toxic work environments went viral and then classes were canceled thanksgiving week after 18 months of school closures and a teachers planned walkout that week. They are unrelated events.

In addition all the videos that Horton posted on his YouTube are from 2020 after the wsj article about blacks returning to class first. Within a year and a half later from the security incident. Those letters are not related to his security detail june 2021 letters from March April 2020

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Part of Dr. Horton’s plan from Day 1, I am convinced, was to tear at the fabric of our community by alleging deep seated pervasive racism, bigotry, heinousness. In hindsight it makes sense: doing so made him/his work all the more needed and valuable; it increased his value ($$), after all. For example, and almost on his literal Day 1, it struck me as odd that right out of the gate he interviewed with the Wall Street Journal (and not the New York or LA Times, Bloomberg, Chicago Trib, Sun Times, etc) talking about his antiracist agenda. Why the WSJ? Surely he --like all of us -- understood/understands that the WSJ audience skews more conservative; where his views might not be accepted with open arms.

Is it then surprising that in response to said interview he and the district received emails --many nasty and even vile? If we’re honest --the answer is no, not surprising; predictable in fact.

At the time, it also struck me that Dr. Horton did nothing to temper or push back on the notion being spread that the emails were local, symbolic of how racist and bigoted Evanston truly was. He was in a position to clarify, but he didn’t...and with that put us all on notice. What followed was many more examples of allegations made around local racism, bigotry, hate crimes, etc.--most of which were unfounded at worst or amounted to half truths at best (revealed by FOIAs made to the district, EPD,etc.) by Horton, BOE members and even those running for the BOE two elections ago and this last one.

The more racist we were, the more his services were needed, the more the Board had to “do the work,” and his warrior army had to defend this man and his team--who day and day out were facing down the literal devil. This was the narrative. And it was effective. I mean who’s laughing all the way to the bank now??!

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On the Horton gun story, he says in the interview that an arrest was made. Absolutely there would be a public record of this. So it is pretty clear he is lying.

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