I would encourage you to look into the LLC recently established by the Superintendent called National Stand Up LLC. He is an officer with the firm along with a few other people who apparently have CPS ties.

Given the Superintendent's personal debt of tens of thousands of dollars that NBC reported on before he was hired, I think there needs to be more scrutiny of his outside businesses. As you report here, the District uses consultants all the time and is not forthcoming about the nature and fulfillment of the contracts.

While I understand that people can start outside businesses (if their contract allows), I think that it is very unusual behavior for a high-paid public servant responsible for a $20 million budget. In the Superintendent's case he has started at least three corporations that I have found and they include operations outside of Illinois (St. Chi Enterprises (MO), National Stand Up LLC, and Altering the Xpectation)

I am not accusing anyone of any untoward actions, but it certainly should be reasonable to investigate any relationships between the District and the Superintendent's business partners:


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The waiver of the sexual molestation insurance clause is fascinating. I have been working with the Director of Safety Town to get that program restarted after it being essentially mothballed for the last 3 years (shameless plug - it is a great program and if you have kids who are age appropriate for it, sign them up). The District was insisting on a year long insurance policy (despite the fact that the program window is basically 6-8 weeks) with sexual molestation coverage (which is appropriate given the ages of kids involved etc). And this was all just to be able to rent space in D65 schools - it isn't a 65 program. Picking and choosing who has to clear all of these hoops is wrong.

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