Is the District "Cooking the Books" when it comes to showing wins from the new discipline policy?
A short think-piece on when something is criminal and when something is political. A opinion piece for the weekend FOIA GRAS readers...
A preliminary investigation into the eyesore greeting our children in the morning
How the bidding process is supposed to work to avoid conflicts of interest; an example
Superintendent formed a company in 2020, by 2022 three of his four business partners were awarded no-bid contracts with District 65

February 2023

Call me PACER-GRAS today. What's the status on this case? Warning: this contains more Tom Hayden legal opining than other pieces I have written.
Am I a "Recurrent Requester"?
So it turns out that I have some detractors...
A continuation of an investigation on a District 65 contractor who didn't complete the terms of his contract and a District that omitted background…
Plummeting district enrollment is mostly not a financial problem, it is a political one

January 2023

Following up on a request from a reader
District 65 has been voluntarily omitting background checks for at least one specific contractor who has been in the class room.