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I think it’s very important to ask what bang D65 and ETHS are receiving for this continuing investment, if any. Or if it’s causing harm. If you can’t access this article, I am happy to provide a pdf. https://open.substack.com/pub/jessesingal/p/of-course-dei-programming-should?r=17jpo&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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What these programs "work" to do is to keep incumbents in power by intimidating those that disagree with them. More interested in challenging children with rigorous academics than in the ideology of anti-racism? Oh you must be racist. And thus Patricia Savage-Williams keeps her grip on the District 202 board despite a record of worsening student achievement during her tenure. Ditto for Biz Lindsay-Ryan in District 65.

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“I will say that generally speaking, I am in favor of CRT”

I remember when the left proclaimed throughout 2020 CRT is not even being taught in schools except in college law courses. Here’s some recent CBS and NBC articles still claiming it’s not being taught



Yet the round table just released a article claiming Seventy (70) teachers fled the district just this summer

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