Maybe people should vote next time there is an election. Sadly, no one will run for school board because this town is bullshit. It’s actually easier to move your kids to one of the many private options. And then you don’t have to be angry all the time. Just hope that 202 stays reasonably stable and count the days until you can get there. I’m not encouraged what lies ahead though, if 65 can’t send prepared kids to 202. It’s an alarming problem yet d65 does not seem to be doing much to change things. There’s no point in getting rid of Horton if he hand picks his own successor.

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I submitted a comment to Evanton Now telling them to give Foia Gras some credit for breaking this story a week ago. Comment was kind - just a request. They would not post my comment - first time it’s ever happened. I think you have the makings of another column: The folly of the press here in Evanston.

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Someone did an ‘exit interview’ with Horton. I didn’t watch it, but the post advertising it says it features a recounting of the time when ‘a racist parent showed up at his home with a gun threatening his life.’

What’s the story here? After the way they spun the suv window smash story to be a response to the Deemar lawsuit that hadn’t even been filed yet, I would have expected Horton to have a field day with this one!


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Jun 23, 2023·edited Jun 23, 2023

Editx2 just to make sure

"In the corporate world, it is relatively common to see contracts that have “non-solicitation” clauses them. I’ve had these in my own contracts. They generally prohibit the contracted employee from recruiting away employees. I wanted to see if such a clause existed in Dr. Horton’s contract.

I FOIA’ed a copy of his contract. You can read it here. 2

First, there is no such non-solicitation clause. "

Isn't this unusual to not have?

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Someone please provide me with authorities to send this too. Have you gone to the Evanston police department to file a police report ? How can we pay someone to go do that ?

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