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Damn nice work.

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Your work has made the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Our board president’s comment on your post.

“Everything that the media, the public has perceived has been consulted with our attorneys,” DaCosta said. “And as far as we know at this point, those are just allegations.”

I am not sure how FOIA’d documents are just allegations, but that is me!


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Update - the container is still at Willard!

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Wow, I didn't realize Horton had filed for bankruptcy twice?!! And then Hernandez saying the board knew about it before the hire and didn't care about it?!?! No wonder they decided to keep the hire from the public!

Kudos to the Atlanta Journal Constitution for this article. Imagine if something like this were published before Horton was hired in Evanston??!

The only question now is whether the DeKalb County school board is as feckless as Evanston's!

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It looked like to me on a phone that your footnote was cut off. That aside, it is more important than ever to keep watch over this Board. After all, they picked the man who stated looking for his next job the day he arrived. God only knows what closed door efforts they will engage in to hire the next. Vigilance is key- we are talking about OUR money and OUR kids. The financial ethics or lack thereof) is one thing- we can’t buy back health. The hypocrisy of this town vis-a-vis black and brown health standards and good environmental citizenry is not surprising or lost on me.

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