Wait, in your list of expenses I don't see the "Grecian Kitchen Fund"? Can I earmark my donation to just pay for your gyros delivery?

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You know, I still haven't actually eaten at the Grecian Kitchen yet!!!

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I took the survey but forgot to say that I'd love to know if there is info out there that separates kids grades/test scores/discipline records based on both race and economic status -- as in how do the well off black and brown kids do in comparison to the poor black and brown kids? Same for white kids.

When the district is throwing around all this money, would it have more impact to primarily focus on programs that alleviate the disadvantages of poverty? Honest question since the vetting process of this board leaves something to be desired. Though given the segregated nature of the different wards I can imagine there might not be enough info to make any distinction if race and economic status basically overlap.

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This gets to a critique that I have had about the ways in which D65 does data analysis. I know Tom mentioned he is a Bayesian. When they were doing the analysis for the new school the first thing they should have done was a probabilistic regression looking at the impact of busing on an outcome measure. You control for class (free/reduced lunch eligibility) and race (which they require every student to report during registration) and see what the results look like.

There are plenty of low-income kids and kids of color that walk to school outside of the Fifth Ward so you have good counter examples.

So in terms of the survey, Tom it would be cool to foia any anonymized data sets that show this stuff. I am sure there are all sorts of privacy issues, so it may be difficult.

My sense is that they don't conduct any inferential analysis (which is part of the problem). The Ed.Ds that administrators like Horton and Turner have do not require any statistical training. Horton's dissertation was based on interviews of like 10 people. Turner's program at UIC doesn't even require a dissertation!

If there were disaggregated public anonymized data on performance, it would be very interesting to use for a proper statistical analysis.

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