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Little was one of Horton's early hires. I remember hearing him on one of the first Zoom calls Horton did and was decidedly not impressed. I could never understand just what he did as Assistant Superintendent of "Safety, Operations, and Athletics."

Was Athletics part of his original title? I mean, this is elementary and middle school. You don't need a director of athletics.

Last year Horton made a big deal about bringing athletics as an extra-curricular activity to the elementary schools. But basically what they did was supplant pre-existing programs that were being run by other entities like the city and local non-profits.

My elementary kids played basketball. Before the pandemic the City ran the basketball program with help from the PTAs. It worked fine.

Horton made a big deal about the District taking a bigger role, but it didn't do anything but bring confusion. The City had a well-oiled machine with regard to registration and scheduling. When D65 took the basketball over, it was horribly disorganized. It wasn't clear how to register, schedules were not developed until the last minute, and contacts never responded to emails.

In the Spring they offered soccer. My kids played AYSO, but I thought maybe they would want to play after school as well. We were trying to juggle the schedule with after school care and they literally didn't know when the practices were going to be held the week before games were supposed to start. We just enrolled our kids in the after school offerings instead since the soccer team was so disorganized.

A couple of weeks after the season was supposed to start I finally got a response to one of my emails and the guy asked me if I wanted to coach?!?!

I was hoping Little would go with Horton down to Georgia. Maybe it is still possible?!?

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