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Tom, PLEASE consider bring this info to the wider public by doing public comment tonight at the Council meeting where they will consider yet another ridiculous lease. Here’s the Zoom


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The most obvious thing to do would be to partner with District 65 and share the facility with a new fifth ward school.

The Civic Center is 112,000 square feet. The City apparently only needs 53,000 square feet of space. The new school is apparently going to be 84,000 sq ft.

Give District 65 the space it needs at the Civic Center. If the city can't make it work, take out a smaller lease somewhere for extra city space.

D 65 uses the lease certificate money to rehab their part of the new Lorraine Morton Civic Center Fifth Ward School and the City kicks in the rest.

The building is historic, has adjacent open space, and is in the Fifth Ward. You save money and keep the green space three blocks away at Simpson and Ashland.

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