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FOIA Workshop Announcement

City Commission Can't Vote on Israel/Palestine Cease Fire Resolution

Rebel Human: ETHS' $64,000 Conflict of Interest Wellness App

In Support of the Fifth Ward School

The Curious Case of the Missing School

Breaking News: Fifth Ward School to Cost $65 Million, Bussing Savings only $750k

School Year 2024 Annual Salary Data

Surprise Monday Board Meeting on Fifth Ward School

Did the District 65 School Board Breach their Fiduciary Duties?

A Correction to Yesterday's Story

Fifth Ward School Financial Disarray

Evanston and New Trier's Partnership with PEG: A Closer Look

Anatomy of ETHS' $48k Wire Fraud

District 65's Surprise/Not Surprise Budget Problems

District 65 Admin Settles Case with Gary Community Schools for $67,500

Why are Teachers Leaving District 65?

Vendor Profile: Pacific Education Group

Dr. Horton Repayment Agreement

News out of DeKalb County Georgia

District 65 Lease Certificate Numbers Still Don't Add Up

The Department of Education's "Letter of Finding" and SCOTUS

Exit Interview with Dr. Horton

Superintendent Search & Conflict of Interest

Fifth Ward School Finances Don't Add Up

Academy for Urban School Leadership

District 65's Improper PAC Donation

Is ETHS Breaking the Law?

Dr. Horton's Consulting Firm; Worked with CPS, Didn't Properly Disclose Relationships

District 65's Free Lunch Program for Administrators

Response to Dr. Horton Q&A in DeKalb

District 65's Teacher Residency Program

Shipping Containers Shipped Off

Interview Series: Angela Blaising

YouTube Finally has Parental Controls

A Brief Note on the Comment Section

District 65's New Discipline Policies

Crime and Politics

The Shipping Containers

The Bidding Process at Work

District 65 Superintendent Steering Contracts to Business Partners

Transparency on my Requests

Meta Post 3: Thoughts on this Project, FOIAs, and Free Speech

District 65 Consultant who Skipped Background Check Paid for Services Not Rendered

On Enrollment & Revenue

$8,500 for a Hard Day's Work

District 65 Skipping Background Checks

$25,000 Contracts and Transparency

Continued Thoughts on this Project

School Improvement Days

Thoughts on the Project thus Far